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Berkeley Old Time Music SPRING SITUATION
Sunday April 16, 2017


Sunday April 16, 2017 from Noon to 4 pm:

Old time Open House - FREE

Freight and Salvage
2020 Addison St, Berkeley



Schedule subject to change (Revised March 21)






Fazal Ahmadyar Ensemble (Afghan Music)
Fazal Ahmadyar (harmonium, singer) began performing Afghan folk songs that he learned from his family in Kabul Afghanistan, and played with such musicians as Zahir Howaida, Kabir Howaida and Ahmad Zahir. He attended Kabul University to study medicine, but decided to continue playing music and in 1970, immigrated to the U.S. to study music and drama. He is a singer-songwriter and composer of Afghan music for harmonium.
Said Hashemi (tabla) has been playing percussion since 1982, first studying classical Indian tabla and later with Ustad Asif.  Born in Kabul, he fled Afghanistan in 1992 to escape the war. He can be found playing percussion with numerous Afghan and American musicians; in addition to tabla, he plays dhol, doira, congas, shoulder drum and jazz drums.
Ruby Mountain is an Oakland–based vocalist and songwriter who calls upon her training in Jazz, experimental electronic and Afghan music to create compositions of love, resiliency and social justice. She was featured in a 2015 article in the East Bay Express.


Harry and Cindy Liedstrand with Terry Barrett will be presenting tunes and songs from their new CD, “Jewels of the San Joaquin.”  Included will be selections from the San Joaquin Valley by Kenny Hall, Ron Hughey, Otis Pierce, and the Crockett Family.  These rare gems are tuneful treasures that will tickle your ear and set your toes to tapping.


Undone in Sorrow - Katelyn Kimmons (voice and banjo) and Susan Sullivan (guitar and fiddle) do a combination of old time ballads, songs and fiddle tunes.  They met as early members of the Clementine Stringband.  Katelyn, born and raised in West Virginia, grew up in a house filled with old time music.  Her parents are both a capella singers and many of the ballads she sings today were learned from her mother.  She learned to play banjo from Carrie Norris, granddaughter of Lily May Ledford.  Susan first heard old time music at a jam in O'Donoghue’s bar in New York, while on vacation from her service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Papua New Guinea.  She instantly knew what she wanted to do, and returned to New Guinea with a fiddle and a few tapes - which she rewound and rewound and rewound……

The Barefoot Quales are an old-time and bluegrass family band from Alameda. The band features Niko (8) on fiddle and vocals, and multi-instrumentalist brothers Miles (13) and Matteo (10) Quale, backed up by Uncle Rory (O'Neill) and parents Mariaelena and Christopher. The Barefoot Quales have performed throughout Northern California since 2012, and the boys are state and national champions in fiddle and mandolin. Teo and Miles will also be performing at the San Francisco Festival of the Mandolins on April 23.


The Midnite Ramblers are Agi Ban (Aux Cajunals) on fiddle and vocals, Mark Marcin on accordion and fiddle, and Alan Senauke on guitar and vocals. They play roots music steeped in authentic Cajun and Creole traditions and deliver irresistibly danceable Cajun classics - expect to hear lively two-steps, soulful blues and haunting waltzes.


The Jailhouse Stringband plays stringband, jug band, and ragtime music from the 1910s to the 1950s on mandolin, ukulele, washboard, washtub bass, and fiddle. Their lobby jams are always a highlight of the BOTMC Spring Situation.


The Bearcat Duo likes to play music with an old sound and a young attitude. With Robin Fischer on fiddle and Rowan McCallister on guitar and banjo, the band has been playing since 2013, with a focus on high energy old time music, with occasional doses of bluegrass and old country. Robin and Rowan both teach private lessons at Manning Music in Berkeley.


Hosted Jams

Noon   Kids jam with the Barefoot Quales

Noon:  Rebetika (Greek) jam:  Darcy Noonan & Greg Jenkins

1pm    Kids bluegrass jam, cosponsored by CBA - see
1pm    Daughters of Anarchy: Leslie Keir & Michelle Yu
2pm    Clementine Stringband
3pm    Jailhouse String Band

3pm   Cajun jam with the Midnite Ramblers

1pm-4pm Bluegrass and Country Slow Jam w/ Richard Brandenburg

Room for more jams in the building, and outside!


Workshops Upstairs:

Harmony singing: ROSS - Relatively Old Time Singing Society (Adrian Dooley, Ryan Dooley, Abby Rose, Ali Bond, Ellen Auriti, Lisa Heil, Lael Sigal)


Rebetika (Greek) jam:  Darcy Noonan & Greg Jenkins


Banjo: Rowan McCallister

Afghan Music: Fazal Ahmadyar Ensemble. And be ready to dance!

Mountain Dulcimer Tunes (other instruments welcome):  Deborah "DJ" HamourisWe'll focus on some traditional fiddle tunes in the Old Time tradition. Mostly in DAD tuning, maybe a couple in DAC (Shady Grove comes to mind). Several loaner instruments will be available. (and don't forget the Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering is coming up June 9-11!).

Stringband: Harry & Cindy Liedstrand & Terry Barrett will be teaching a couple of tunes from their new CD, “Jewels of the San Joaquin.”  Come learn a couple of gems from California’s own historic old time tradition.  Harry will teach the fiddle, Terry will showcase the tunes on the mandolin, and Cindy will demonstrate the guitar chords.  Welcome one and all!

Mexican fiddle music - Learn to play and sing rancheras, polkas, valses, sones and more from the repertoire of La Familia Peña-Govea (Miguel Govea, Susan Peña, and Cecilia & Rene Peña-Govea).  All instruments welcome!

Banjo: Steve Baughman - Cool Tunings and a Tune or Two

Fiddle: Miles Quale

Cajun Jam: Midnite Ramblers

A Visit with the Old Folks: Brendan Doyle will share field recordings, photos, and stories from his visits in the 1980's with Tommy Jarrell, Melvin Wine, Luther Davis, the Hammons Family, and other traditional oldtime musicians


Kids Activities

Noon-1pm: Kids Jam with the Barefoot Quales


1pm-2pm: Kids bluegrass jam

1pm-2:30pm: Stewart Port, luthier and instigator of the Tin Can Banjo Project, will be leading a "Build An Instrument" workshop for kids and families in the lobby - bring your own tin can! See pictures from 2011 here.

3pm-4pm: Fiddle workshop with Miles Quale

Tin Can Banjo
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