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Slow Jam Fizz

February 2021 through May 2023

After over 2 years of successful online jams, we have decided to bring Slow Jam Fizz to a glorious end.  But there is a tremendous archive on the BOTMC YouTube page (see below) that you can visit anytime.

An online old-time slow-ish jam, with a twist!

Sponsored by the Berkeley Old Time Music Convention, Slow Jam Fizz happened on Zoom and YouTube.

Each session had different amazing leaders. All tunes were led by the leaders, so it wasn’t be a round robin like some jams you might be used to. all instrumentals — fiddle/banjo tunes.

The definition of “slow” will be left to the discretion of the leaders. Sometimes it might be too fast for you, sometimes too slow. If it’s too fast, try it anyway! It’ll be a challenge, and what have you got to lose?

Here are some unique advantages of an online jam:

  • Nobody can hear you if you screw up!

  • You can’t hear others if they screw up!

  • You can hear the details of the leaders’ playing.

  • You can enjoy jam leaders from all over rather than from only your home community.

Past jams: Recordings of past jams are available on the BOTMC Youtube channel in the Slow Jam Fizz Sessions playlist. Tips to the leaders are encouraged.



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