past performers

2020 online convention

Eddie Bond
Alice Gerrard and Kay Justice
Jake Blount
Slate Mountain Ramblers
(Richard & Barbara Bowman with
Ivy & David Sheppard)
the Horsenecks
Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin
Evie Ladin Band
David Greely
Plaid Strangers
Earl White Band
Squirrel Butter
Tony Thomas
Birches Bend
Charmaine Slaven
WB Reid & Bonnie Zahnow
Joseph Decosimo (workshop only)

Jam and Song Swap Leaders:
Harry & Cindy Liedstrand
Amber & Jim Mueller
David Bragger & Susan Platz
Robin Fischer & Rowan McCallister
WB Reid & Bonnie Zahnow
Ray Bierl
Arlene Immerman
Lael Sigal
Dinah & Noah Stroe
Tony Phillips & Susan Spath
Mark Wardenburg

2019 Convention
2018 Convention

Alice Gerrard & Chris Brashear
Dom Flemons
Mike Bryant & Paul Brown  with Terri McMurray & Marcia Bryant
Down Hill Strugglers
Larry Edelman
Sausage Grinder
Dos Valley Trio
Marley's Ghost
Karen Celia Heil & friends
Paper Wings
Hook N Line
Skillet Licorice
Jordan Ruyle
Maggie Lind
Rina Rossi & AJ Srubas

2017 Convention

Molsky's Mountain Drifters
Anna & Elizabeth
Bobby Taylor & Kim Johnson
Del Rey & Suzy Thompson with Matt Weiner
Red Mountain Yellowhammers
Phil Jamison
Evie Ladin
Bearcat Stringband
WB Reid & Bonnie Zahnow

2016 Convention

Hogwire Stringband
(Brad Leftwich, Linda Higgenbotham, Sam Bartlett, Abby Ladin) (Indiana)
Hurricane Ridgerunners
(Paul Kotapish, Mark Graham, Jerry Gallagher and Armin Barnett) (Seattle WA & Alameda CA)
Emily Miller and Jesse Milnes (West Virginia)
Spencer & Rains and The Skeleton Keys
  (Tricia Spencer, Howard Rains, Charlie & Nancy Hartness, Brendan Doyle, Emily Mann)
(Kansas, GA, CA)
Gallus Brothers
(Lucas Hicks and Devin Champlin) (Bellingham WA)
Debby McClatchy
Earl White String Band (Virginia & California)
T-Claw (Denver, Louisville, Olympia, Nashville)


2015 Convention

Art Rosenbaum

Pharis and Jason Romero

Chirps Smith, Fred Campeau & Steve Rosen of the Volo Bogtrotters

The Canote Brothers

Jerron Paxton

The Bootlickers

Blue Diamond Strings

Dot Kent

Rina Rossi

Squirrelly Stringband

More Pretty Girls than One

Bayou Prairie Pacific Ramblers (AJ Srubas, Eric & Suzy Thompson and friends)

2014 Convention

Ginny Hawker & Tracy Schwarz 
Joseph Decosimo & the Bucking Mules
Franklin George & Kim Johnson
The Cliffhangers
Paul Brown & Terri McMurray
Earl White Band
The Onlies

Twice As Nice (Mark Olson & Penny Critchlow)

W.B. Reid and Bonnie Zahnow

Tony Mates

Evie Ladin
John Cohen
Alexia Smith

2013 Convention

Jumpsteady Boys (Bruce MolskyRafe StefaniniJoe NewberryMike Compton)
Alice Gerrard and Beverly Smith
Foghorn Stringband with Dirk Powell
Frank George & Kim Johnson
Eddie Bond and Josh Ellis
Big Hoedown (Bruce MolskyRafe StefaniniBeverly Smith)
Thompson, ThompsonVentresco & Axelrod
Right To Parlay
Grace Forrest & Clelia Stefanini
Evo Bluestein
Evie Ladin
Andy Wilson
Jordan Ruyle 

2012 Spring Situation

Earl White Stringband
Masha and Geff Crawford
Erik Hoffman
Dianne Ferlatte & Erik Pearson
Ragtime Skedaddlers
Stewart Port
Black Crown Trio
Ray Bierl
The Drifter Sisters
Laura Lind
The Rhythm Rangellers
Alex Sharps
Mark Olson and Penelope "Penny" Critchlow
Eric Thompson
Suzy Thompson
DJ Hamouris
Ben Sigelman
Karen Celia Heil
David Brown


2011 Convention

Mike Bryant & Joseph Decosimo with Karen Celia Heil
Ginny Hawker & Tracy Schwarz
Pilot Mountain Bobcats
Thomas Maupin, Daniel Rothwell & band
(Alan Senauke, Chad Manning, Eric & Suzy Thompson)
Craig Ventresco & Meredith Axelrod
Triple Chicken Foot
dance callers Susan Michaels & Erik Hoffman
Roots Revue
New Omatics
Evie Ladin


2011 Spring Situation

Thompson String Ticklers
AxeL EepH
callers: Evie Ladin and Jordan Ruyle
Erik Hoffman
Dianne Ferlatte & Erik Pearson
Jubilee American Dance Theatre
Lucia Purpura-Pontoniere and Leah Wollenberg
(Fiddlekids Grads)
Tony Marcus
Allegra Yellin & Jordan Ruyle
Ragtime Skedaddlers
Stewart Port
Isaac Enloe
Karen Celia Heil
DJ Hamouis
Doug Norman
Sara Winge
Michael Stadler
David Brown
Eric Thompson
Suzy Thompson


2010 Convention

Alice Gerrard
Candy Goldman
Jordan Ruyle
Jimmy Triplett, Scott Prouty & Andy FitzGibbon
Cliff Perry & Laurel Bliss
Del Rey & Suzy Thompson
Kenny Hall & the Sweets Mill String Band
The Macrae Sisters
Maggie Lind & Caroline Oakley
The Squirrelly Stringband
The Striped Pig Stringband
Bill Martin 
Evie Ladin
The Porkpies


Past performers:

(S-2010 indicates 2010 Spring Fling)

Canote Brothers S-2010
Brendan Doyle S-2010
Puncheon Floor S-2010
The Spoonoplians S-2010
Crooked Jades Trio S-2010
Ray Bierl S-2010
Willy Claflin S-2010
Hadassah Gospel Hour S-2010
Ragtime Skedaddlers S-2010
Alex Sharps S-2010
Alan Senauke & Eric Thompson S-2010

Alice Gerrard 2009, 2010
Terri McMurray 2009
John Schwab 2009
Elizabeth LaPrelle 2009
Rodney & Clay Sutton 2009
the Black Crown String Band 2009
the Mt. Diablo String Band 2009, S-2010
Charmaine Slaven 2009
Paul Silveria 2009
"Always Been a Rambler" documentary film 2009
John Blasquez and Pat Reed 2009

Benton Flippen 2008, 2009
Paul Brown 2008, 2009
Frank Bode 2008
Rayna Gellert  2008
Sheila Kay Adams 2008
Foghorn Duo (Caleb Klauder & Sammy Lind) 2008
Evo Bluestein 2008
Foghorn Stringband 2004, 2008
Stairwell Sisters 2005, 2006, 2008
The Brandy Snifters  2008
Squirrelly Stringband 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010
Bill "Bubba" Martin 2006, 2008, 2010
Water Tower Stringband 2008
Gallus Brothers 2007, 2008
Molly Tenenbaum 2007, 2008
Amy Hofer 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009
Jordan Ruyle 2008, S-2010, 2010
Maggie Lind 2008, 2010
Evie Ladin 2004, 2007, 2008, S-2010, 2010

Michael Ismerio 2007
Caroline Oakley 2007, 2010
Tony Mates 2006
Donna Ray Norton 2007
The Todalo Shakers 2007
Rich Hartness 2004, 2007
Tom, Brad & Alice 2007
Lee Stripling Trio 2007
Heidi Clare 2007
The Tallboys 2007, 2009
The Knuckle Knockers 2007, 2009
Dram County 2007

Mike Seeger 2005, 2006
John Cohen 2006
Ginny Hawker & Tracy Schwarz 2006
New Lost City Ramblers 2006
Hank Bradley & Jody Stecher 2006
Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin 2004, S-2010
Uncle Wiggily 2006
The Mercury Dimes 2005, 2006
Amy & Karen 2005
The Thompson String Ticklers 2004
Kenny Hall Band 2005
Eric & Suzy Thompson 2005, 2009
Government Issue Orchestra 2005
Rafe Stefanini 2005
Larry Hanks 2005
The Roadoilers 2005
Earl White Band 2004
Adam Rose & the Original Sinners 2006