Here's how to make a tax-deductible donation to the Berkeley Old Time Music Convention:


First, please go to the Freight & Salvage’s donation page:


And click on “Donate Now”


Then, scroll down the various amounts til you see “Other”, and fill in with the amount you'd like to donate.


Fill in your personal information.


Below that, you will see “Additional Information” with a box to check that says "I would like to either dedicate this donation or make a gift membership to someone”.  Please check that box.


For “Dedication Type”, choose “In Honor Of”

For “Dedication Name” please write “BOTMC”

You do not need to fill in any address.


Fill in your Payment Information.


Click on the box that says “Make Donation”


You will receive an acknowledgment letter or email from the Freight that you can use for tax purposes.


Please consider making a donation to the Freight & Salvage as well.  They are undergoing very difficult  times, having been closed for 7 months with no clear prospect of when they will be able to reopen. The BOTMC greatly appreciates all the Freight does for us as our fiscal sponsor.