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2021 kids & families

All BOTMC events are open to all ages, but we have some that are especially good for kids and families.

Thursday, September 23



Bayou Seco


Sponsored by the Berkeley Public Library

Register via Eventbrite to get the Zoom link – registration will open in September.

BAYOU SECO is Jeanie McLerie and Ken Keppeler of Silver City, NM. Their vast repertoire includes old time southern music but is rich with other kinds of old time music too. For over 40 years they’ve sought out, become friends with, and learned tunes from traditional musicians including: New Mexico musicians Cleofes Ortiz and Antonia Apodaca, Tohono O’Odham musicians in New Mexico and Arizona, and Cajun and Creole musicians in southwest Louisiana, where they lived for many years before they moved to New Mexico. Both play fiddle and guitar and sing. Ken also plays one and three row diatonic accordions, 5-string banjo (fretless and freted), harmonica, and mandolin.

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