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Volunteering is a way to make the BOTMC your own festival, and you'll get in free to one of the concerts at the Freight & Salvage.

Here's how it works:

  • If you volunteer for one of the paid events, you get into that event free.

  • If you volunteer at a free event, or volunteer for a job that takes place before the festival, you get free admission to either the Thurs. or Fri. night concert at the Freight.

  • If you volunteer to do something at one of the dances that has you sitting by the door (vs. dancing), you will get in to one of the Freight concerts in addition to the dance where you're volunteering.

  • If you do two volunteer jobs, you can get in free to both Freight concerts.

To volunteer, please send an email to , and please provide the following info:


1. Your name (and the names of anyone else that you are signing up)
2. Your email (and the emails of anyone else that you are signing up)
3. Your phone number (and the phone number of anyone else you are signing up)
4. Date(s) you can be available to volunteer
5. Your first and second choice of jobs (see options below)
6. Your free ticket preference: either Thurs. or Fri. night Freight concert

Types of volunteer jobs are listed below, and more will no doubt be added! Lael, our Volunteer Coordinator, will get back to you.

Volunteer jobs include:

  • Event set up (some lifting required)

  • Event break-down/clean up (some lifting required)

  • Instrument check (some lifting required)

  • Merch sales (some lifting required)

  • Driving performers (including airport pickup/dropoff)

  • Door person (for some non-Freight festival events)

  • Band wrangler at the string band contest

  • Assistant Food Provider (help Food Coordinator order, pick up, arrange, monitor, and clean up food for several of the festival’s events)

  • Sunday picnic helper-outers, setup and cleanup (some lifting required)

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