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The Berkeley Old Time Music Convention is a five day music gathering featuring a lovingly curated roster of local and national old-time music acts, with concert sets, rollicking square dances (and a Cajun dance too!), workshops, jams and the illustrious

string band contest in venues throughout Berkeley

Sept. 20-25, 2023
 the 20th anniversary of the BOTMC
2023 lineup - more to be added! 
Slate MOUNTAIN Ramblers 
(Richard & Barbara Bowman and Ivy & David Sheppard)
Hubby Jenkins & Jackson Lynch
Sheila Kay Adams
Nokosee Fields Trio
Caleb Klauder & Reeb WiLlms
Ed Poullard
Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer
Squirrelly Stringband
Plaid Strangers
SLO COUNTY Stumblers
Thompsonia Cajun Band
René y Familia
Black Banjo & Fiddle Fellows
Mike Lewinski
Erik Hoffman
2023 artists

The BOTMC is delighted to announce the launching of the Black Banjo & Fiddle Fellowship, a project of the Oakland Conservatory of Music in collaboration with the BOTMC.  Click HERE for more info.

Berkeley Old Time Music COnvention
ANti-Racism Statement


As appreciators and torch bearers of early American traditional music, the Berkeley Old Time Music Convention actively questions what it means to share this music in the context of systemic racism. We wish to acknowledge the immense contribution of Black and Indigenous musicians to the music presented by the BOTMC, in the past and in the present.  We acknowledge the forces that have historically denied these contributions and that worked to sever their living connections to this music. We also acknowledge our own complicity in this oppression. As we play this music, we are reckoning with our history and present condition. We hope to build a road toward reparation.


Adapted (with permission) from the Plaid Strangers (Thomas Angell, Maxine Gerber, Karen Heil and Allegra Yellin)

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